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Fundraising Resources

Guides, videos, templates and tips to support your fundraising journey 

Getting started

Your Guide to Fundraising Success

Read this guide for everything you need to know about fundraising so that you can successfully reach your goal.

Confessions of a Fundraiser

Introducing our fantastic blog series where Dig Deep fundraisers share the highs and lows of fundraising.

Thames Path selfie

Fundraising Guides and Resources

Fundraising in the Community

A collection of our favourite community fundraising ideas, including fundraising at schools, in supermarkets and more!

Fundraising Online

Our top tips for reaching new audiences and making the most of your online community.

Fundraising at work

How to make the most of fundraising at your workplace and gaining the support of your colleagues.

Fundraising at University

All the best ways to fundraise whilst you are away studying at university.


A handy how-to-guide to help you step-by-step organise some amazing fundraising events.

Network Bingo

A handy guide to help you plot out and summarise all the opportunities for fundraising within your network.

Sponsored T-shirt

A downloadable template which you can use to approach companies with to sponsor the T-shirt you will wear on your challenge.

Our Fundraising Support Instagram

A place for fundraising ideas, fundraiser spotlights and lots of helpful information.

Important Information

Code of Conduct

Please read this thoroughly to make sure that you are staying safe and legal whilst fundraising for Dig Deep.

Public Collection 

If you wish to do any form of public collection (including street and door to door) then please ensure you read and adhere to our policy. 

Dig Deep's Gambling Policy

If you are planning on hosting a fundraising event for Dig Deep that involves any kind of gambling then please make sure you adhere to our policy.

Event Plan Template

Whatever the event this template will talk you through the steps to planning and hosting a successful fundraiser. 

Our Fundraising Top Tips

Simon at Mount Kenya summit

Simon Franklin


Do something that you love! One of my hobbies and passions is football, I used that and organised football tournaments. I got my friends and local teams involved and as I came from a football background I knew all about the game, what needed to happen and how I could run an awesome event.
If you love something it makes it 100 times easier to organise!
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