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UK Running Events

Challenge yourself with a UK city marathon or half marathon or start off with a 5km or 10km close to home. Get involved today and support Dig Deep to help communities realise their right to clean water, safe toilets and good hygiene.

Choose your run…

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Marathon | Half Marathon | 10km


Half Marathon


Marathon | Half Marathon | 10km


10 Miles

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Half Marathon


Half Marathon | 10km

Looking for something smaller and closer to home? Check out a range of local regional runs to suit your fitness ability and location.

Would you like to set up a university team?

Would you like to set up a corporate team?

These challenges are in aid of the award-winning water charity Dig Deep. Through fundraising for your challenge, not only will you reduce the direct cost of your run, you will transform the lives of thousands of people in East Africa by helping them to realise their right to clean water.

St Theresa Primary School drinking water
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